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Looma needs your help! After the destruction of Loomeria, Looma is left all alone, hurtling through space!

In this tile-based puzzle game, divert Looma's course with the gravity of Asteroids, blow him with Gas Giants, traverse Wormholes and much more as you guide Looma to safety, but watch out for the Cytrons!

Each Galaxy introduces new mechanics, challenges and dangers... Can you Save Looma?


  • FREE to download and play the first 20 levels!
  • Encounter Wormholes, Gas Giants, Minefields, Portals, Holopods, and much more!
  • Original, innovative game mechanics for hours of fun!
  • Fully supports the latest Super-HD 'Retina' displays, as well as older devices!
  • Animated cut scenes!

... and much more!

Download FREE today on iOS, Android & Windows Phone!



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